Gaia Blends Soaps

Gaia Blends soaps are made with a moisturizing base recipe of food grade ingredients and essential oils. Our cold process method creates bars that are long lasting and excellent as a facial bar, in the shower, and for shaving. You’ll appreciate the natural ingredients, unique essential oil scents, and a bubbly lather that rinses clean – it’s everything your soap should be.

Traditional Cut Bars

Just the Right Size

  • 4 – 4.5 oz. Cut
  • 3″ Square by ⅞”
  • Weeks of Daily Use
  • Large Artisan Bars

    Our Signature Bars

  • 6.5 – 7 oz. Cut
  • 3½” Square by 1”
  • 1+ Month of Use
  • Loofah Bars

    Premium Exfoliator

  • Approx. 8 oz. Pour
  • 3½” Round by 1¼”
  • 1+ Month of Use
  • Travel & Guest Bars

    Our Long Weekend Bar

  • Approx. 0.8 oz. Cut
  • 2″ Round by ⅜”
  • Perfect for Travel
  • Traditional Cut Bars

    Gaia Blends Traditional Cut Bars feature a variety of essential oil blends with our artisan style. This ample sized bar is a scaled down cut of Our Large Bars – just the perfect size. These bars last weeks of daily use in the shower – they are 3″ Square and ⅞” thick.

    Large Artisan Bars

    Our Large Artisan Bars are our signature soaps. These soaps are appreciated for their artistic elements and unique essential oil blends, as well as their durability – these bars last for 1+ month of daily use in the shower! They are 3 ½” wide by approximately 1” thick.

    Loofah Bars

    If you like exfoliating scrubs, check out our big Loofah Bars. Pouring our soap recipe into a thick slice of natural loofah was a great idea! These big bars of soap exfoliate within a lather of bubbles leaving your skin silky smooth. These bars last for 1+ month of daily use in the shower – they are 3½” Round and 1¼” thick.

    Travel & Guest Rounds

    Our Travel & Guest Bars feature the same versatile recipe as our large bars, only smaller. These 2” round bars weigh approximately 0.8 oz. each and are bulk packaged in bundles of 12.

    Natural & Handcrafted Bath Accessories